Exchange Programs

International Exchange Programs

As a part of Tohoku University, the School of Engineering has promoted international cooperation and scholarly exchange with many institutes in the world, and Tohoku University offers the following exchange programs. Applicants should at first contact the international office of your university and apply for the program through the international office.

It is possible to accept students from our partner schools as a Special Research Student (graduate level) or a Special Auditing Student (undergraduate level) except for the programs below. If you would like to do so, please contact a professor directly whose field matches your area and get his/her consent to join the lab.

Junior Year Program in English (JYPE)

The JYPE is designed for international exchange students who are interested to take courses in education, science, and engineering at Tohoku University without Japanese proficiency requirement. All lectures are given in English. Course credits are awarded. The program also offers courses in Japanese language, culture, and society aimed at promoting better understanding or Japanese social customs. The JYPE benefits only undergraduate juniors of full-time status from institutes which hold a formal exchange agreement with Tohoku University. The program is divided into fall and spring semesters. Students may apply for either of the two semesters; but many courses are designed to last a full academic year. The full year course begins in early October. Approximately 30 students are admitted. Information is available at the international office of a partner institute..

Direct Enrollment Education Program (DEEP)

This program is offered to the students at partner universities and there are two categories in this program.

[Special Auditing Student]

Students can take regular courses where the lectures are mostly given in Japanese, and are required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese such as Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 or certification of Japanese proficiency by your home university.

[Special Research Student]

Students can do research activities under the supervision of an academic advisor at Tohoku University, and are not always required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese. If your academic advisor would agree to supervise in another language you want, you would not be required to show you proficiency in Japanese.

Tohoku University Cooperative Laboratory Study Program (COLABS)

The main purpose of the Cooperative Laboratory Study Program (COLABS) is to offer an opportunity for international students from all partner universities throughout the world to take scientific research training in the assigned research laboratory as well as to get basic education courses taught in English at Tohoku University in order to increase their abilities to expand their activity into new science fields, without having to attain the Japanese language proficiency that would be necessary to take the same courses in Japanese.