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* Basically Japanese applicants should use the Japanese forms.
* Foreign applicants outside Japan can use the English forms. Please download from below.
* Entrance examination of this degree program in Japanese is held in Sendai, Japan. Many applicants from outside Japan enter a couple of months before the exam as a Research Student first, and prepare for the exam while familiarizing to the new environment, although this is not required for admissions.

Application Forms

  • PDF  Word CV
    PDF  Word Letter of Recommendation or Letter of Acceptance
    PDF  Word Examination Admission Ticket and Photo ID Form
    PDF  Word Confirmation for Examination Fee Payment


Graduate Academic Affairs Section, Academic Affairs Division
Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

6-6-04 Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japan
Phone: +81-22-795-5820
Facsimile: +81-22-795-5824

*The recruitment for this program is closed hereafter.

International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course, IMAC, is a fully English taught engineering degree program organized by the division of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering. It has the Undergraduate Course, IMAC-U (Bachelor Degree), and the Graduate Course, IMAC-G (Master and Doctoral Degree). IMAC-U directly connects to the international graduate course (IMAC-G).
Students will have opportunities to learn fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge in laboratories studying fluid dynamics, thermal engineering, materials engineering, micro/nanotechnologies, aerospace engineering, robotics, biomedical engineering, informationscience, quantum science and energy, and environmental studies etc.

IMAC Web Site
Laboratory introduction

The International Civil and Environmental Engineering course (I-CEEC) is engineering degree program organized by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering. The I-CEEC is aiming at enthusiastic global-minded international students who aspire to assume key international leadership roles in the future. Students will have the opportunity to learn fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge through the study and research on water environmental engineering and science, disaster sciences, human-social information sciences, infrastructure planning, engineering materials and mechanics, etc.

I-CEEC Web Site

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