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Prof. Hirotsugu Takizawa

Based on the principles of “Research-First,” “Open Doors,” and “Practice-Oriented Research and Education,” we have achieved results in every field of engineering since the founding of the School of Engineering at Tohoku University; results that contributed to the realization of a safe and prosperous society. Engineering is a field of learning that links daily life and society with science and technology; and it plays an ever-increasing role in addressing various issues that we face today on a global scale.

We believe that people and society expect universities to employ a long-term vision in order to solve social issues that are difficult to solve in the short term, and help society prosper in the future. University research activities flow from researchers’ own curiosity and thirst for knowledge through a process of “honing and mastering.” It follows that bringing joy to society by vigorously promoting the creative and fundamental research activities of extremely talented researchers is undoubtedly central to a university’s purpose. On the other hand, as we tackle head-on the problems that society wants solved and provide signposts to the future, it is also important that we create new academic fields through interdisciplinary and cross-sectional development based on the foresight and foundational research of each researcher, and build a bridge connecting us to society with the results. Collectively, we must give serious thought to what can be done regarding issues faced by society and the kind of contributions that we can make. Embodying the principle of “Practice-Oriented Research and Education,” we offer a roadmap for these issues. This is Tohoku University’s mission as a research university.

As we put forth a vision of a prosperous, future society, we pool our wisdom to identify issues that must be resolved so that we may fulfill our responsibilities to society and carry out our mission. By cultivating globally cutting edge research themes, Tohoku University aspires to provide a school of engineering that has an impact on society.

When it comes to education, aside from fundamental and specialized knowledge, students will acquire language abilities, problem-solving skills, and value-creating capabilities within the framework of an internationally-recognized educational system. Our objective is to cultivate leaders with spirit and passion; people who will create the future of society based on a long-term vision. Appreciating diversity is essential in cultivating value-creating capabilities, as well as problem-identification and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, along with being able to appreciate diversity in society, it is necessary that one acquire the ability to disseminate one’s intent and ideas in order to construct a prosperous future society. Based on the principle of “Research-First,” we hope to foster in our students the motivation and competence needed to take on future challenges.

Four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and reconstruction work at the Aobayama Campus, which sustained heavy damage, is almost complete. All throughout the restored campus, students and faculty members brimming with talent take part in research discussions that will form the cornerstone of our future society. We believe that developing the research themes that germinate from these discussions represents “Research-First,” “Open Doors,” and “Practice-Oriented Research and Education” put into practice. Building upon the brilliant tradition laid down by those who came before us, we foster dreams while pursuing efficient research; and The School of Engineering will do its utmost to fulfil its mission of bringing joy to society. We ask for your continued support in our endeavors. (April 2015)

About Us

About Us