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Re-entry procedures for International students who have a re-entry permit

On 28th August 2020, the Government of Japan announced its decision that all foreign nationals with the status of residence who have left and will leave Japan before 31st August 2020 with a valid re-entry permit, are now eligible to re-enter Japan from 1st September 2020.

Upon the re-entry, they are required to present (1) the Letter of Confirmation of Submitting Required Documentation for Re-entry into Japan (hereinafter referred to as “Re-entry Confirmation Letter”) obtained from the Japanese overseas establishments at the country/region where applicants reside, and (2) the certificate of negative test result of pre-entry testing conducted within 72 hours of the departure time of the flight (hereinafter referred to as “certificate of negative test result”). Please see here to be informed of the process and required documents for re-entry.

International students who belong to Tohoku University should keep in close contact with their academic advisor (or faculty member in charge of the academic affairs) when re-entering Japan and report on your current situation. In addition, please submit and report the following documents to the university.

  • 1. When you decide to re-enter Japan, please submit the following documents.
    1)Notice of Re-entry (university form)・・・English ver.
    2)Documents showing the re-entry date (ex. Application Form for Letter of Confirmation for Re-entry into Japan, airline e-ticket, etc.)
    3)In case the arrival airport is Tokyo and the follow-up location is Sendai, documents that show how to move from Tokyo to Sendai.
    (ex. Taxi compatible with COVID-19, Rental car application email, etc.)
    【Important】 Please do not use public transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, airplanes (domestic flights), and passenger ships during the follow-up period. Also, please avoid sharing a car with students.
  • 2. After re-entry, please inform us of the PCR test results at the arrival airport.
  • 3. Please report that you have returned to Sendai after the follow-up period (2 weeks). (Excluding those who followed up in Sendai)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: “Re-entry of foreign nationals with the status of residence”
International Affairs

International Affairs