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Hatchery Square

Hatchery Square Map
Bus Stop
  • OfficeOffice
  • GuardroomGuardroom
  • CanteenCanteen
  • CafeCafe
  • Convenience StoreConvenience Store
  • Cooperative storeCooperative store
  • Place of refugePlace of refuge
  • SubwaySubway Station
  • Bus stop [Loople Sendai]Bus stop [Loople Sendai]
  • Bus stopBus stop
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ハッチェリースクエア 写真
Mechanical Engineering Quantum Science and Energy Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Centersquare Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering Civil Engineering and Architecture Other Research Center for Rare Metal and Green Innovation etc Centersquare CENTER HALL Book+cafe BOOOK Aoba Memorial Hall Aobayama Hall School of Engineering Administration Office Hatchery Square Engineering Laboratory Complex Building Bus stop:Kougakubu-chuo 工学部中央バス停
ハッチェリースクエア 写真