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CLT Demonstration Building

CLT Demonstration Building Map
Bus Stop
  • OfficeOffice
  • GuardroomGuardroom
  • CanteenCanteen
  • CafeCafe
  • Convenience StoreConvenience Store
  • Cooperative storeCooperative store
  • Place of refugePlace of refuge
  • SubwaySubway Station
  • Bus stop [Loople Sendai]Bus stop [Loople Sendai]
  • Bus stopBus stop
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F Civil Engineering and Architecture

Civil Engineering and Architecture
建築CLTモデル実証棟 写真
Mechanical Engineering Quantum Science and Energy Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Centersquare Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering Civil Engineering and Architecture Other Research Center for Rare Metal and Green Innovation etc Civil Eng. and Architecture Education and Research Building CLT Demonstration Building Laboratory Building of Architecture and Building Science Laboratory Building of Civil and Environmental Eng. Education and Research Base Support Building 19[A1] T-Biz  Business Incubator collaborated with Tohoku University NICHe New Industry Creation Hatchery Center Fluctuation Free Facility for Ner Information Industry Bus stop:Kougakubu-nishi Bus stop:Aobayama-eki Bus stop:Kougakubu-nishi Subway:Aobayama-eki Bus stop:Aobayama-eki
建築CLTモデル実証棟 写真