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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, the measures at the Graduate School of Engineering and the School of Engineering will be updated as needed. Please refer the information below.

1. The BCP is currently at Level 3 from April 1.

The School of Engineering establishes the action guidelines for each activity as follows.


From January 12, all classes will move back online in principle  (January 8).
* In the case that it is necessary to have the class face-to-face such as regular examinations, defense, experiments, and hands-on classes, face-to-face classes will be conducted with sufficient infection prevention measures.
* Follow the notifications from the instructor who gives the lecture using Google Classroom or ISTU. If you have any questions, please contact the department office. 

Precautions for Resuming Face-to-Face Classes (Oct. 1)
How to Take the Online Courses of the School of Engineering

Research activity You are allowed to engage in research. However, spend less time in the laboratory, and please work from home if possible.
Check the 5. Research Work According to the BCP Level.
Counter service, etc. The counter service will be gradually restarted.
However, please come to the counter only if the university asks you to come to the counter. In other case, please call us before coming to the counter.


Extracurricular activities
  • All extracurricular activities are suspended in principle from January 8, 2021, due to the increase to BCP level 3 (April 1).
  • Use of Gymnasium and athletic field on Aobayama campus will not be allowed for the time being.
  • Suspension of extracurricular activities (Dec. 25)
Job hunting The School of Engineering will continue to requests of companies that interviews be conducted remotely for the time being, etc.
Check the 6. Job hunting.
Travel Spread of the COVID-19 infection in each city/prefecture is fluctuating day by day. Please check the latest Warning Information on the Tohoku University Emergency Action Plan (BCP)(April 8) and refrain from nonessential traveling. Please refrain from traveling, especially to areas where the infection is spreading.

Notes on Business Trip

Part-time job Please refrain from doing part-time jobs in conditions with 3Cs (closed space with poor ventilation, crowded places, and close contact).
Meeting, party, etc. If you are able to avoid attending an event, etc, please cancel your participation. If you participate, please confirm you are able to avoid 3Cs and take sufficient infection prevention, and participants are wearing a mask, etc. If you find that the measures are insufficient, please do not participate in the event. Please refrain from participating in the dinner party, since many cases of infection have been reported during dining with a conversation.

2. Health Management and Activity Record

Students are advised to record daily body temperature avoiding closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places, and close contacts.
  • Record daily body temperature and condition for more thorough health management. Please stay home if you feel ill.
    Health Observation Record Form
  • To ensure traceability, record your daily activities with emergency contacts so that you can document what, when, where, and who you were in contact with.
  • Avoiding contact with people is very important and useful for preventing the spread of the infection. Avoid crowded closed spaces with poor ventilation, and situations with excessive talking/speaking such as restaurants, karaoke, etc. Take appropriate prevention measures e.g. ventilating, wearing a mask, when you have a meeting/gathering at home. Refrain from part-time jobs in those places as well.

3. IF you feel ill ...

[Consultation Service]
A telephone consultation service operated by Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City is available. If you need multilingual assistance, please ask SENTIA for interpretation in advance at 022-275-9990.
Consultation Service : 022-211-3883 Available 24h (Japanese language)

4. If you or your housemate is suspected of being infected with COVID-19 ...

5. Access to Internet

For those who have limited internet access, lecture rooms in the Kawauchi Kita Campus (A-C) and Wi-fi are available from June 1st.
* Please refrain from coming to school for at least one week after coming to Sendai from other prefectures.
The School of Engineering is planning to open designated classrooms for those who don’t have enough internet access at home. Please wait for the further notice.
For those who are in other prefectures and hard to take the online courses due to a poor internet access, rental of Wi-fi router may be provided. Please contact eng-neth@grp.tohoku.ac.jp.

6. Research Work According to the BCP Level

Please follow the Level 3 of BCP guidelines.
Students are allowed to engage in research while paying the utmost care and attention to prevent the spread of infection. However, spend less time in the laboratory, and please work from home if possible.

7. Job Hunting

The School of Engineering will continue to requests of companies that interviews be conducted remotely for the time being, etc.
We suppose that you will may be requested to travel to other prefectures for job interviews, etc. However, there is a serious risk to your health care and further spread of infection. This is not only your problem and must consider the possibility of infecting surrounding people. Please report to your supervising professors or faculty/staff members in charge of job searching in your major department if you are requested to travel to other prefectures.

8. Don’t Take on Worries … Consult with Advising Professors

Tohoku University is concerned for students that are living alone during this unstable situation. Every undergraduate freshman has an advising professor in each major department in order to consult various matters such as university life, future plan, study. Please communicate with the advising professor and share your concerns and thoughts proactively. For those who transferred to our graduate school, we strongly recommend to share information with the supervising professor and lab mates regularly via internet or email.
Furthermore, the Student Peer Support System is starting from June so that the new students are able to communicating with older students in the same major department. The detailed information will be provided by the advising professor.

9. Student Counseling Room/Mental Health and Counseling Services

The School of Engineering has several counseling services for students who have worries, concerns and anxieties.
Counseling Services in the School of Engineering
Center for Counseling and Disability Services, Tohoku University (for reference)

10. Re-entry procedures for International students who have a re-entry permit

International students who belong to Tohoku University should keep in close contact with their academic advisor (or faculty member in charge of the academic affairs) when re-entering Japan and report on your current situation. In addition, please submit and report the documents to the university.

11. To Get Later Information

Please check the website of the School of Engineering and emails regularly. Any changes in the restriction of coming to school, research activity, etc. will be announced by the School of Engineering in accordance with situation of the spread of infection appropriately. Please check thewebsite of Tohoku University for getting updated information for students and faculty/staff members.