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How to Take the Online Courses of the School of Engineering


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  • Courses in the second semester will have a better balance of on-campus and online classes.
    Precautions for Resuming Face-to-Face Classes (Oct. 1)
  • Please do not unregister from the Spring semester courses at least after three months from when the grades/results are announced. Otherwise your submitted reports etc. will be deleted. If you have already unregistered, please join the courses again with its class codes.
    Please check the Google Classroom Code below.

1. Where You Take the Courses

The BCP is currently at Level 1 , with minor adjustments made on Sept 8.
Courses in the second semester will have a better balance of on-campus and online classes.
Precautions for Resuming Face-to-Face Classes (Oct. 1)

2. How to Take the Courses

  • 1) Check the courses you take.
    General Education Courses
    Specialized Subjects of the School of Engineering
    Subjects of the Graduate School of Engineering
  • 2) Check the method of taking the courses. Please check how you can take via online for each course because it depends on the course and professor.
    • Check the syllabus well in case the method of offering the courses may be stated.
    • Check the page of your chosen courses on ISTU (Internet School of Tohoku University)
        How to access the online courses on ISTU
    • Check the Google Classroom Code which was provided at the orientation or is stated on the timetable
    • Check the website of each major department too in case there is the latest information regarding the courses.
    General Education Courses for the freshmen will be provided on ISTU and/or Google Classroom. (“Exercise in Mathematics and Physics” and introduction for each major will be provided on Google Classroom).
    Specialized Subjects for the Sophomore, Junior, Senior and graduate students will be provided on Google Classroom. Some of the subjects may be seen on ISTU, so please check the Classroom Code there.
    Manual of Online Course Using the Google Classroom
    Classroom Help, support.google.com
  • 3) Taking Courses Via ISTU and/or Google Classroom
    Online courses (connecting professors and students mutually on internet) will be conducted by some video meeting systems. It is advised to use the Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc. by the professors. To connect those systems, please refer to the Online Course Guide provided by TU.
    In case of the Real Time style (web meeting) courses, please turn the microphone and camera off (mute) to attend the course. The students will may be advised by the professors to turn those on when speaking.
  • 4) Courses Registration
    Register at the Tohoku University Student Affairs Information System by May 14. Just adding the courses to the Google Classroom does not mean you complete the registration officially.
    Please be noted that the courses which has not been registered successfully will be deleted automatically from the Google Classroom after the course registration period.
    If you are unable to take a course or missed registration, please contact the faculty member in charge or the Academic Affairs Section of each department.
  • 5) To take the online courses, please read carefully the Online Courses Guide provided by TU.

3. Contacts for Online Courses

If you have any concerns or worry for online courses, please contact the following office of each major department.
Please understand that it may take a few days to reply as the faculty/staff members work at home remotely according to the Emergency Action Plan (BCP).
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering eng-kmhp-kikai@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering eng-kmhp-eipe@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering eng-kmhp-kabai@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Materials Science and Engineering eng-kmhp-material@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Civil Engineering and Architecture eng-kmhp-civilarchi@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Management Science and Technology eng-kmhp-mst@grp.tohoku.ac.jp
Others, General Academic Affairs eng-km-cov19@grp.tohoku.ac.jp