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International Affairs

Administration Bureau, School of Engineering

(Address) 6-6-04, Aramaki Aza Aoba Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japan
General Affairs Division
General Affairs Section
Faculty council, graduate course committees
Steering committee
Activities and ts
Personnel Section
Personnel, payroll
Staff applications for dual employment
Retirement allowance
Staff Management Section
Staff benefits
Insurance, pension
Labor-management negotiations
Retirement savings plan
Health and Safety Management Office
Safety and hygiene precautions for staff and student's
Staff health care
Registration of persons handling radioactive material
Academic Affairs Division
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Section
Undergraduate student's academic work
Teaching credential
Certificates for graduated student's
(Academic Transcripts, Certificates of Graduation, etc)
Undergraduate research student's, Undergraduate auditors
Request for leave of absence, return to university, withdrawal from university, etc
Request for faculty transfer
Graduate Academic Affairs Section
Graduate student's academic work
Certificates for graduated student's
(Academic transcript, certificates of graduation, etc.)
Graduate school research student's, Graduate school auditors, etc
Request for leave of absence, return to university, withdrawal from university
Request for department transfer, or change in major
Graduate school admissions testing
Degree applications
Undergraduate Admission Section
Undergraduate admissions testing
Student Support Section
Scholarships and employment
Changes in name, residence, guardian of Japanese student's, etc
Student health
Certificate of grantee of Japanese government scholarship (Mext) and Honors scholarship(JASSO)
Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
International Affairs Section
Academic exchange agreements with foreign universities, etc
Visiting Scholar, Visiting Researcher, Fellowship Programs
(MEXT, JSPS, JASSO, Chinese government)
Assistance and support for international student's
(Scholarships, International student's general housing insurance, Housing rent joint surety program, etc)
Research Cooperation Division
Research Cooperation Section
Applications for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, research results reports
Applications for Promotion Subsidy for Science and Technology
Applications for government funding programs (competitive funds)
Part-time research fellows, research assistants, applications for funding for RAs
Industry-University Cooperation Section
Approval of joint research with private entities
Approval of contracted research
Acceptance of contract researchers
Business-university partnerships
Sendai "International Intellectual Industry Special Zone"
Endowed chairs, endowed research departments
Applications for JSPS special research fellow
Acceptance of other research fellows (faculty research fellows, etc.)
Various grant applications
Finance Division
Finance Section
Drafting of finance plan
Budget requests
Finance-related studies/surveys
Accounting Section
Budget oversight
Processing of tuition payments
External Fund Accounting Section
Processing of donations
Oversight of external funding
Procurement Management Section
Supply procurement, management
Facilities Division
Estate Management Section
Management of real estate and other property
Campus security, traffic safety
Utility charges, telephone charges
Estate Planning Section
Campus facility planning
Building & facility maintenance, repair

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