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Required Insurance for All International Students of Engineering School

Gakkensai, Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” (Inbound futai-gakuso)

All international students are required to enroll in both of the following types of insurance to achieve safe campus lives in Japan;
‘Gakkensai’ and ‘Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Inbound futai-gakuso”)‘.
Students who are not enrolled yet need to apply quickly as possible according to the link below.
The enrollment in “Gakkenbai” is not required for international students.

What is “GAKKENSAI”?

“GAKKENSAI” means Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research.
It is an accident compensation insurance covering unforeseen disasters and accidents during regular curricular activities, school events, extracurricular (club) activities, and while on the university premises.
Coverage for personal accidents during commuting to school is added. For further details, please see the link below.


*The students who are not sure whether enrolled or not, can inquire with Student Support Section (phone: 022-795-5822) or the Student Affairs Section of each department.
*The students who have already enrolled in other accident insurance or liability insurance are also required to enroll in “GAKKENSAI.”

How to enroll in “GAKKENSAI”

You can apply by payment slip.

  1. Get it at the Student Support Section or Student Affairs Section of each department.
    Confirm if it is appropriate for you, as there are 2 types; for international bachelor student and for international graduate student.
  2. The insurance period equals to the term until your graduation of school.
    Exmaple of insurancce period
    --- For sophomore undergraduates
    → Pay for 3 years
    --- For 4th year undergraduates who plan to go on to higher education
    → Pay for 1 year first and pay for 2 years separately when entering the master's program
    --- In the case of enrollment beyond the period of study
    → Pay for one year at the time the period of study is exceeded.
  3. Write down the premium referring to the table below. You need to pay “GAKKENSAI” separately with “INBOUND FUTAI-GAKUSO” because the recipient is different.
  4. Transfer insurance premium payments relevant to your enrollment term of the school from Japan Post Bank, the post office. On the next day you paid, the insurance becomes effective.
Grade Insurance period *Premium
4th grade of BC,
2nd grade of MC,
3rd grade of DC,
1 year 1,000 yen
3rd grade of BC,
1st grade of MC
2nd grade of DC
2 years 1,750 yen
2nd grade of BC,
1st grade of DC
3 years 2,600 yen
1st grade of BC 4 years 3,300 yen


This is a comprehensive insurance policy for international students only during the term in Tohoku University, covering liability, injury, illness, rescuer expenses, death and residual disability not only resulted on the school premises and regular curricular activities but also on private life.
Students can enroll on the monthly basis, but the insurance period should be equal to the enrollment term in Tohoku University.

For further details, please see the pamphlet ( English version, Chinese version ) and insurance premiums table .

*Only students who are enrolled in “GAKKENSAI” are eligible for this insurance.

How to enroll in “INBOUND FUTAI-GAKUSO”

You can apply using payment slip attached to the pamphlet.

  1. Get them at the Student Support Section, Window 2 on the 3rd floor of the Central Square, School of Engineering.
  2. Transfer insurance premium payments relevant to your enrollment term of the school from Japan Post Bank or the post office or designated convenience store. On the next day you paid, your insurance becomes effective.

*Similarly be sure to apply “GAKKENSAI” as described above.


This is an overseas travel insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for illness and accidents during the period you are traveling for study or business abroad. In principle, all students traveling abroad who are eligible for the followings are required to join the program.

Eligible Overseas Travel

  1. Study abroad programs approved by Tohoku University
  2. Overseas business trip for academic conferences, etc.

Any period of overseas travel is covered.

Please see below for an overview and details of the insurance and premiums.
Outline (only in Japanese)
The details of the insurance(Tokyo Kaijo website) (Only in Japanese)
Premiums (only in Japanese)
*Fees vary depending on the length of overseas travel.

How to enroll in “FUTAI-KAIGAKU”

Please read (A) below and apply from (B) at least one month prior to your study abroad. To pay the premium (credit card payment), please access the dedicated website that will be sent to you later by e-mail and make the payment by the deadline. After the payment is completed, your insurance certificate (PDF) will be sent to you by e-mail.
*If your travel date is less than a month away, please contact the Life Support Section to confirm whether you can enroll.
*If you wish to pay by credit card, you must have at least 17 days before your travel date.

(A) 付帯海学加入手続きの流れ / Instructions for Futai Kaigaku Application Procedures
(B) 付帯海学加入申込書 / Futai Kaigaku Application Form

International Affairs

International Affairs