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Department of Electronic Engineering

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Department of Electronic Engineering

Electronics is fundamental technology supporting advances in all kinds of engineering fields and industries.

The Department of Electronic Engineering, carrying on the history of light current electrical engineering at Tohoku University that gave birth to such advances as the magnetron, pin diode, and static induction transistor and thyristor, today carries on leading-edge education and research in various fields of electronics, from electronic materials and devices to image systems and computer systems.

The Department has laboratories in the fields of Microelectronics, Electronic Control Systems, Materials Engineering, and Electronic Systems Engineering, contributing to progress in electronics supporting human abundance.

Why Choose Us?

The Group of Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering (The ECEI Group) involves approximately 80 laboratories and 200 faculty members including three graduate schools as well as Research Institute of Electrical Communication, making it a major center for electrical communication and information studies in Japan. Leading-edge researches are being conducted in collaboration with government and industry.

Graduate students receive substantial support, and students starting from the Master’s program studies are actively involved in academic presentations overseas and in submissions to international journals.

In the overall electrical and information education of Tohoku University, the Department of Electronic Engineering is responsible for graduate school education and research in electronic engineering fields. The Department is creating and realizing the human communications of the future in diverse research fields that include spintronics, microelectronics engineering, electronic control engineering, plasma science engineering, solid state electronics, solid state physics, image electronic engineering, intelligent electronic circuits, and biomedical electronics. Tohoku University is one of Japan’s most representative research centers of spintronics.