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Department of Finemechanics

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Department of Finemechanics

Finemechanics is a new field of precision mechanical engineering extending mechanical engineering into the micro/nano area. Besides aggressively promoting research in this field, the Department is developing the human resources who will be able to open up new frontiers in mechanical engineering so as to advance nanotechnology to an engineering discipline.

Innovative researches are being carried out energetically on precision machining and sensing in nanoscale region, functional materials with nanomechanical structures, micro/nano mechanical systems, and biomechanical systems.

Nanotechnology will support the creation of new technologies essential to realization of an intellectually dynamic and affluent21st century society. It is a research field at the leading edge of efforts to build a future world in diverse areas from engineering and industry to medicine.

Why Choose Us?

The Department of Finemechanics in the Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering offers three courses, Martial Mechanics, Nano Mechanics and Bio Mechanics, aimed at promoting the application of finemechanics to industrial technology. Through classes in nano-level material mechanics, in nano-level mechanics,  and bio-mechanics, along with classes and research guidance in fields related to these course areas, we provide advanced specialized education to develop human resources capable of opening new frontiers toward the expansion of mechanical engineering in the micro/nano area.

Students in the Department will spend valuable time coming into contact with leading-edge research results in a variety of mechanical engineering fields, from the nano to the macro area, will come to appreciate the importance of real-life issues, and will develop the abilities needed in searching for and solving new problems. They will also experience the thrill of being directly involved in developing technologies applicable to a variety of industrial products such as automotive vehicles, aircrafts, biomechanical instruments on the basis of material mechanics, nanomechanics, and biomechanics.

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