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Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

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Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

For advancing the technologies on which the future will depend, including energy, environment, nanotechnology, materials, information communications, and life sciences, it will be essential to go well beyond conventional design in mechanical engineering to establish a new academic field, system design engineering, and to develop human resources in that field.

Responding to these kinds of demands from society, the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering aims to develop human resources, who can play leadership role in making new materials based on surface and interface processing and applying them to energy field.

Building on the basic techniques and science of traditional mechanical engineering based on “monozukuri” (manufacturing), the Department provides a high level of specialized education in such areas as mechanical system engineering  and energy engineering.

Why Choose Us?

The Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering in the Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering conducts pioneering research on mechanical system design technology. Examples include development of mechanical system and new materials based on the surface and interface processing by nano-scale machining technologies.. Among the research taking place in this Department are development of more environmentally friendly energy systems and fluid systems such as solar energy, hydrogen energy, and hydraulic power; and research on energy conversion systems using acoustic waves.

Students participate in the latest research in a variety of fields, developing skills for exploring new themes and resolving related issues, while coming to appreciate the importance of real-life problems. In our valuable position as a bridge between scholarship and the real world, we are developing the human resources who can play leading roles in building the future.

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